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Tender Notice for conducting 5 day training programme on the topic “Gender Issues and Building Capacity for Sustainable Joint Forest Management Committees” under Project Management Unit TFIPAP (Tripura JICA Project). Dt. 05.10.2016. Tender
Short Quotation Tender Notice for Printing Works under forest Department. Dated 20th September, 2016. Tender
Notification regarding extraction of trees from non-forest areas including plantations on non-forest areas Notice
Detailed procedure for extraction of trees from non-forest area Notice
Stock position of Seized vehicle 2015-16 forest-protection
Position of Vehicle seized during 2014-15 forest-protection
Position of OR drawn and adjudicated departmentally during 2015-16 forest-protection
Position of OR drawn and adjudicated departmentally during 2014-15 forest-protection
Status of seized Timber Disposal During 2015-16 forest-protection
Status of Timber Seized and disposed 2014-15 forest-protection
Notification for designation of Shri Shakti Kant Singh, IFS as First Appellate Authority, O/o District Forest Officer, Gomati District, Udaipur.Dated 7th September, 2016. Notice
Tender for supply of plastic plant guard under Forest Department. Dated 1st September, 2016. Tender
Notice inviting tender for supply of some computer accessories/printer toner or cartridge and Xerox toner in Forest Department. Dated 6th September, 2016. Tender
Corrigendum regarding office acceptance of rate for collection of fully mature and ripe Large Cardamom vide No. F. 365/Tripura- JICA/NCE/Large Cardamom/2016- 17/1003-35 dated 30-08-2016. Tender
Acceptance of rate for successful bidder in response to the notice No. F. 365/Tripura- JICA/NCE/Large Cardamom/ 2016-17/ 967-98 dated 29-08-2016. Tender
Tender Notice for undertaking the society economic impact assessment of Tripura JICA Project. Dated 26th August, 2016. Tender
list of 62-Forest Villages under Tripura Forest Department, Govt. of Tripura. Notice
Notification regarding non-forest land mutated in favour of Forest Department for setting up of Dasharath Dev Smriti Soudha and Ampura Growth Centre under District Forest Officer, Khowai District. Dt. 18.08.2016 Notice
Notice inviting expression of Interest for the purchase of fully mature and ripe large cardamom for the collection season 2016-17. Tender
Certificate of Charge assumption for Shri Pradip Brata Debbarma, TCS Gr-II as Divisional Forest Officer. Dated 11th July, 2016. Notice