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SoP of QR Code to be followed in the state
Layout of PR code board to be fixed on the trees.


1. Name of the Tree/Shrub should be written below/above QR Code.
2. QR Code & name should use about 60% space (With QR code size of 12 cm X 12 cm)
3. QR Code board must have a light yellow background for better visibility. The board should also have 4 metal rimmed hole on 4 corners.
4. The QR code should preferably be at eye level. Height of QR code should not be more than 6 to 7 Ft on big trees.
5. The QR code will be affixed on trees using elastic bands
6. For smaller shrubs (below 8 ft) the code should be hung on highest strong branch but not below 5ft.
7. QR code board should face the side where visitors will walk.
8. QR Code Board should be made of soft board with vinyl pasting.
9. In case of many trees of same species along the road, 1 in 10 trees must be used to display QR code
10. The QR code board should not hide in the foliage and must be distinctly visible to visitors
11. In QR code, the Kokborok and Bengali both should be in Bengali script.
12. The QR code should not be more than 2 meter away from the footpath.